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Mobi's service among 5 finalists for Living Labs Global Award

Nine metropolitan cities joined forces with non-profit organization Living Labs Global to find innovative solutions by opening competition among international solution-, technology- and service providers to address major societal problems. The Award consists of 9 Categories where Living Labs Global in partnership with global cities seeks to identify the best solutions to meet their strategic challenges.

More than 310 entries have been received for the Award, where Mobi's Showcase “M-neighbourhoodwatch” was chosen by the Chicago Category Jurors among 5 finalists. Winners of the Living Labs Global Showcase Award will be presented in an Award Ceremony on February 14th 2010.

Prizes are non-financial where winners of the Living Labs Global Showcase Award will be invited to pilot their solutions in these cities, proving the effectiveness of new solutions and offering a first step for innovative providers to enter new markets.

M-neighbourhoodwatch was launched in January 2005. M-neighbourhoodwatch means that taxi and bus drivers, security companies and other active people participate in making Tartu safer by receiving SMSnotifications by police control center on issues (missing persons, stolen cars) that require watchful eyes.

The service has been actively used especially in finding missing persons and the relevant cases have been covered also in media. In January 2009, just in 20 minutes, m-neighbourhoodwatch helped to find an elderly woman suffering from memory problems. 

More information about the Award is available on the Living Labs Global Showcase Award webpage.